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Setting up a solar park is a useful and environmentally friendly investment

If you already have a connection offer, we can start building your solar plant right away.


You’ll be a long step ahead of those who are still in the early stages of thinking about solar parks.

Contact us for a consultation and we will thoroughly analyse the location and nature of your solar plant. We will draw up a preliminary plan and a feasibility study, obtain the necessary approvals, as well as any missing applications. You can rely on us!

Saules spēkstacijas (elektrostacija)

If you are still at the idea stage of setting up a solar park, send us an enquiry! Together we will find the most optimal solution.


This includes gathering all the relevant information, analysing it and proposing the best solution. To start with, send us an enquiry so that we can carry out a thorough analysis of the potential solar farm site. The next step is to contact the client to find out more about the nature of the consumption and the size of the project. We then prepare a preliminary design and a feasibility study, submit all the necessary applications and obtain the necessary approvals, keeping the client informed of the processes in order to achieve the intended result.

Solar panels are a great investment opportunity

Rooftop solar park

Smartecon’s competence enables construction of both one-panel solar plants and industrial production plants. Within ten years we have grown into one of the best companies in our field and can take credit for building all the biggest solar plants in Estonia.

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Ground-mounted solar park

This is a great solution for a sparsely populated area, where both on-grid and off-grid parks can be built. In order for private entrepreneurship in rural areas to be sustainable, our team will help create profitable solutions that support your business. Raise value of your unused land with establishing a solar park. Our long-term experience will definitely benefit you. Contact us and we will help you choose the best solution to fit your needs!

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